Change the Phone Numbers on Your Site to Track Campaigns


Why Dynamic Number Insertion?

Let’s say you’re marketing your top-class surgery across multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Google, and Spotify. You might want to know what ad is driving most of the calls. This isn’t as easy as it seems. No matter what ad campaign your visitors come from, they’ll always see the same phone number, not giving you any specifics through which ad the calls are coming from.

So while it's easy to tell how many calls you're getting, without help it's hard to tell who's calling from where. This in turn makes it difficult to determine which of your campaigns are succeeding and which could use a shot in the arm. 


Your Solution

Thankfully, there’s a way around this: Ghosting, Enqbator’s Dynamic Number Insertion service!

Ghosting dynamically morphs phone numbers on your pages based on which ad a customer is coming from. This way, customers landing on your site from different ad campaigns see different phone numbers. You can use these to track how many calls each campaign gets. 

This way, you can spread your product across multiple platforms and still have insight into who’s calling from where. Ghosting streamlines the entire experience and helps you understand which advertising platforms give you the most traffic. 

Here's how it works...

number 1 First, the Enqbator embeds a quick bit of JavaScript into your website. 

number 2  Then, when someone visits your site, the script looks for the source and campaign in the UTMs and shows the respective number accordingly. 

Its that simple! For example, if they are coming from Spotify, they'll see a different phone number, same with Google, Amazon, you name it. Visitors coming from different campaigns see different numbers, but every number rings your front desk.
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