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Flexible Training
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How Our Learning Management System Works

Maybe you need to train employees, or customers, or partners. Regardless of who you're training, they'll love Enqbator's Learning Management System.

This app helps you train your employees. They can access materials, take quizzes and tests online, and see their results instantly. Furthermore, administrators can customize it to meet their institution's needs. Enqbator is nothing if not flexible.

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For Students

Regardless of who you're training, we make it easy for them to access material and exams. Thanks to our login system, you can even save and retrieve tests, or retake exams with a single tap. 


For Administrators

Administrators also have plenty of options. They can choose between multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank questions, which are easy to create and randomize. No amount of quizzes are too big or small – ten, twenty, as many as you can make.  Want to make quizzes mandatory, or customize the number of points per answer? Done. Want to grade exams immediately, and give awards for the better grades? The app does that for you. Plus, your course content is easy to create, edit or delete, and you can add photos or videos if you wish. What matters here are options and this application gives them all.


A Few Features...

Trainees can see answers as they go or at the end of the exam

The software grades exams immediately

Detailed history and results reporting

Certificates awarded for trainees with a grade decided by administrators

And more…

They Chose Enqbator

University of Arkansas Medical Center (UAMS) College of Medicine's Assistant Research Professor of Radiology, Aliza Brown, Ph.D., used Enqbator's LMS to design her WeTrain911 app. Since many counties in Arkansas do not have certified medical dispatchers, this app is meant to train EMS personnel & also provide them with certification. She has received a $90,000 research grant from the National Institute of Health to observe its effectiveness, and the plan is to use the app in rural areas of other states as well.

"For those dispatchers throughout the state who don't have medical training, this app could be a free solution" - Dr. Aliza Brown to KNWA - Northwest Arkansas News, find the article here

"UAMS Researcher's Mobile Application Enhances Training for Emergency Dispatchers" - UAMS Health News

The app is also available in Google Store.

They chose Enqbator

We are proud to have worked with these organizations.