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Business Intelligence: An Overview

Your business needs someone to analyze the challenges it faces. Someone who with innovative, active solutions that meet your objectives. Someone who will help you make informed decisions via the best analytics and business intelligence (BI) software out there.

In other words, someone like Enqbator. We’ll help you build your dream dashboard. It’ll meet your every specification, answer your every question, and above all, keep you ahead of the curve.

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Our Approach

Our approach is simple, modern, and interactive. It empowers business users to leverage data into results. Our arsenal spans from reports to predictions, and will give you the best analyses of the data you need. We’ll put you behind the wheel. Our technologies are designed for both desktop and mobile devices, so you can be productive in or out of the office.  

What Do We Provide?

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Interactive Visual Analysis

Analyze data at your own convenience, and generate reports as well. 

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Comprehensive Solutions for Reporting

Whether you need reports for private or business use, we’ve got you covered.




Graphical & Responsive Dashboards

Thanks to our interactive dashboards, you can view key performance indicators in a user-friendly graphical interface. Guaranteed to improve performance.


Our Services Include

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Evaluating Tools

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Architecture Services

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BI Assessment

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