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App or Website?

Maybe you’re wondering whether you should make a site, an app, or both.  From a tech perspective, we’ll admit you might just need a website. Yet as far as branding goes, a quality app can make or break your product. Why get so fixed on desktop development that you miss out on all that smartphone traffic?  

You know the trends, and you've realized you need next-gen technology to stay ahead. We've got your back!

Embrace the Future

To be honest, a company without a mobile-friendly website is stuck in the stone age. The popularity of web apps has skyrocketed over the last decade, since it’s much easier to browse on your phone than it used to be. People browse more from their mobile devices or tablets than desktops, and we’ve got the statistics to prove it.  


Answer: Both Apps and Websites

You need both apps and websites to reach your customers, whether they’re browsing at home or on-the-go. Like an engaging ad, an engaging app will ensure people come back for more of your brand. The best products deserve the best presentation. How better to provide it than the best apps and websites?

Maximize Traffic

Let’s take another look at those stats. The longer your site takes to load, the more likely customers are to abandon it. You could have the best products in the world, but nobody will want to learn about them if your site isn’t fast enough. In fact, a slow site can lose you up to half your potential traffic.

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You have an idea! Let's turn it into reality. 

Designing for only one device will frustrate users. You might have a user-friendly website, but you need to bolster it with a user-friendly app.  Whether your app is only used by your team or enjoyed by millions, choose Enqbator. We design all our apps and websites using a responsive approach, and we make sure your product is friendly and efficient. We’ll help you from concept to execution, and beyond. And don’t worry… we won’t leave you hanging. You’ll always have our support.

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